Reading the Old German Handwriting Online Course

Learn to read the script of your ancestors and decipher your German documents!

Description: Learn to read the old German handwriting of your ancestors in this interactive and comprehensive course! Complete with flashcards, matching games, quizzes, vocabulary lists, and actual practice records, this course takes you from learning the handwritten alphabet to deciphering entire records. Best yet, the course is entirely self-paced and grants you life-time access – meaning you can come back and review anytime the genealogy bug bites!

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German Language for Genealogists Online Course

German for Genealogists is LIVE!

This highly-anticipated course teaches you the exact German language you need to know to work with your genealogy documents. While other German courses are great, they focus on teaching you the modern German you need to converse in Germany in the 21st century. 

This new course, German for Genealogists, will teach you the targeted German language you need to work specifically with your ancestors’ records. It focuses on genealogy-specific vocabulary, helpful German grammar (did you know the word “der” vs. “dem” can make all the difference in what your sentence means in relation to your ancestor?), church record headings, vital record language, and much more. 

German Handwriting + German for Genealogists Course Bundle Deal

Almost $800 separately, get both courses for only $649 with the bundle deal!

Reading the Old German Handwriting Course : Learn to read the beautiful old German script and decipher your ancestors’ documents. (Learning transcription!) 

German for Genealogists Course: Learn the German language skills you need to understand your ancestors’ records – the genealogy German you can’t learn anywhere else. (Learning translation!) 

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