Getting Started in German Genealogy Class


Getting started in German genealogy?

Learn what you need to know in this recorded lecture – complete with two handouts full of resources for your genealogy journey!


Whether you are just starting out in German genealogy or have some research under your belt,  this on-demand lecture is a must-see. This presentation is 1 hour  in length and includes:

  1. Where to look for records in the USA, including resources for:
    1. Vital records
    2. Church records
    3. Newspapers
    4. Passenger lists
    5. And more!
  2. Tips for crossing the pond and finding the above records in Europe
  3. Resources for locating your ancestor’s hometown
  4. German and Austrian church record sites
  5. Tips on first names and last names
  6. Tips on reading the old German handwriting (recognizing certain letters, differentiating between similar letters, common spelling mistakes, genealogy abbreviations, occupation tips, etc.)
  7. And much more!

With this lecture, you will receive the link to the video, as well as two handouts complete with numerous website and book resources (Handout 1), a German handwriting key and a short excerpt of German handwriting practice (Handout 2).

Reviews of Journey into German Genealogy Lecture

“With a lack of robust German census records available to most researchers, it’s nice to take a look at alternative records. Genealogy researcher and translator Katherine Schober has uploaded a fantastic video appropriate for beginning and intermediate genealogists online for free. She’s a great presenter, and I hope she updates her YouTube page with more videos in the future!” – Fountaindale Public LIbrary, on video upload of “Journey into German Genealogy” Presentation

“Katherine presented an engaging program about researching German ancestry at the public library in Andover, MA.  She drew a large crowd and held their attention with her deep knowledge of German history and  culture.  Her genuine enthusiasm for researching German ancestry and deciphering old handwritten German documents is what made her presentation so enjoyable. I’ve had several patrons request that I invite her back.”  — Stephanie Aude, Genealogy and Local History Librarian, Memorial Hall Library, Andover, Massachusetts

“Katherine’s advice on websites and other resources for getting started in German genealogy was straightforward and very helpful in targeting the most useful places to begin your search.  Likewise, she provided numerous tips, tricks and shortcuts for deciphering that difficult German handwriting with lots of instructive class exercises.”  — Gina, Colorado Palatines to America, Denver, Colorado